Larix Monthly Report — April

Lending Launchpad

  1. Bonfida Pool: $FIDA, $USDC, $SOL are the first batch listed. With dual mining incentives ($LARIX+$FIDA) for 3 days. TVL reached $5,000,000 in 2 hours, making it the largest Bonfida pool.
  2. xSOL Pool: a pool solely devoted to SOL and liquid staking derivatives, include $SOL, $mSOL, $stSOL, $scnSOL and $JSOL. TVL reached $6.5M in one day.
  3. Larix Pool: An extra feature of $LARIX that lets you borrow against it or deposit into the pool to earn yield.

Partnerships and Integrations

  1. Larix is now listed on, the newest indexing platform on Solana. TVLs, Deposits, Withdrawals, Collaterals, Borrows, and Repays are all available to be viewed.
  2. Switchboard Oracle: We will make use of Switchboard for price feeds to strengthen our platform capabilities.

Community Engagements

  1. A Twitter poll was set up to find out whether to support Larix’s LP in the main pool or the isolated pool.
  2. A Twitter thread tutorial was published regarding how to maximize Raydium’s LP yields. Twitter Thread link:


  1. AMA with Crema Finance.
  2. AMA in Cipholio Ventures Twitter space.

Internal Updates

Plans for Next Month

  1. More projects will be invited to our lending launchpad in the coming months. We are in contact with a number of legitimate projects to add more pools to the lending launchpad. More details on Lending Launchpad:



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