Larix Monthly Report — August

3 min readAug 31, 2022


Project Larix has had a feature-packed month for August and we are excited to share a recap of what has happened with your favorite lending platform on Solana. DeFi has a major need for the future of this space and we are glad to be part of decentralized lending. The future of crypto is undoubtedly multi-chain, so being on Solana is a major advantage vs concentrated chains like Ethereum.

Here are some of the highlights of what happened in August for the platform.

Larix Events And Partnerships

Larix has been active in fostering partnerships and creating events that facilitate growth for the platform and for the community to engage in. One of the first events that took place in August was the HyperPay and Project Larix campaign on Gleam. This campaign awarded 500 USDT to 100 random users for filling out the Gleam form. We want to thank everyone that participated in the campaign and a big thanks to HyperPay for sponsoring the event.

Another event was Dappio Wonderland with a recent integration discussion to discuss the future of Solana. Needless to say we believe the future is bright. We discussed this along with other platforms like Raydium Protocol, Katana, and Jupiter Exchange. It’s always great to be part of these discussions and to have leaders that are considering what the future looks like in this space.

Additionally, Larix was used as an aggregate for Everlend with their Liquidity Mining Module that allows distributions on the network. Users of the Larix platform that participated in the rewards program interacted with Everland on the backend to get their rewards. We are happy to connect with their Liquidity Mining Module to obtain the optimal results for rewards to give to our community.

Community and Conversation

In addition to some of the partnerships and integrations we have done, Project Larix is also well connected with the community, making sure that we are always sharing knowledgeable and up to date information to the ecosystem.

Among these community connections, we participated in an AMA with Mirror World. The topic that we covered was “Who Can Secure My Crypto Assets?” It’s an interesting topic to share on the different ways the average person needs to secure their assets, what they can do to make themselves more secure, and finding the proper method to maintain this. Another event was the discussion with Mean Finance covered early in the month. This topic was about building Web3 and in the context of the Metaverse and how DeFi plays into that.

We are happy to have participated in these discussions and we look forward to the next round of discussions.


Lending through the lens of DeFi is an innovation that will be needed in this space as it grows. Throughout the years, with things like NFTs, protocols, and multi-chain activity, DeFi will be considered a foundation utility for the future growth of the blockchain. Project Larix is happy to be part of this on Solana, making steps needed to facilitate growth in the ecosystem.

We are glad that you are on this journey with us and we thank all of our community as we make progress into next month and beyond.




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