Larix Monthly Report Jan 2022

| Hello, January!

As the festive holiday end, a fresh start comes with it. Being the first month of 2022, there are lots of expectations for Larix. From new listed LPs to Larix’s Defi 2.0 mining, the team is delivering great utilities.

And so the adventure begins. Let’s have a quick look at January’s update in Larix.

Larix in January:


2. Increased collateral factors:

mSOL: 70%->75%

RAY: 65%->70%

mSOL-USDC: 75%->80%

mSOL-USDT: 75%->80%

SOL-USDC: 80%->82%

RAY-SOL: 70%->75%

3. Supported stSOL: you can supply and borrow stSOL and earn triple rewards in stSOL+LARIX+LDO.

4. Launched DeFi 2.0 Mining: a newly equipped function that enables 5X boosted mining rewards. Shortly after its launch, the price of Larix had a short-term appreciation of 27%.

5. After the DeFi 2.0 Mining launched, Larix maintains the highest supply APR and the lowest borrow APR on Solana.

6. TVL exceeded $220M, while that of total borrowed exceeded $43M after DeFi 2.0 mining launched.

7. LP yield competition: According to the total net yield rate within ten days, the top three users will be rewarded.

8. Polls- let the community speak:

- Poll to enable borrowing fee and buyback.

- Poll for next support token: scnSOL vs. JSOL.

9. Lowered borrowing APR for stablecoins: USDT borrowing APR IS 0%, the lowest on Solana.

10. Integrated with Solflare Wallet on both web and mobile.

11. Partnered up with Socean, based on community voting results, $scnSOL will be listed on Larix soon.

12. AMA: Soldex, Marinade and ORCA.

13. Featured on CMC’s Youtube video “Top 10 Solana projects in 2022”

In 2022, the more good news is on the way, so stay tuned!




The first Metaverse based Finance Protocol on Solana.

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The first Metaverse based Finance Protocol on Solana.

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