Larix Monthly Report — July


We want to share what we have accomplished in July behind the scenes; from operations, product updates, partnerships, and what we can expect in the months to come.

Product Updates

Additionally, Jupiter Exchange is now supported on Project Larix dashboard. This will aid in providing liquidity from multiple sources that can now be used directly on the site. Jupiter gathers Solana-based liquidity to a single end point, allowing crucial swap aggregation, pricing data, and payment features for users and developers alike.

With these two integrations, there are 4 built-in features directly on the dashboard, including Marinade and Lido. It has never been easier to take advantage of tactical lending solutions on Solana.

Operation Updates

Users that still wish to vote can do so on the Voting Registration Portal. Once you’re there, follow these instructions:

1. Visit the Governance page at the link below:

2. Connect Wallet

3. Vote with your NFT for the Larix pool

4. Assign a MNDE weight to the protocol

Thank you to all who have participated.


We also partnered with Sypool to offer some unique prizes and NFTs, which everyone can participate in. This campaign lasts for two weeks starting on July 22nd and encompassing 6 projects, which is powered by Project Galaxy HQ.

The rewards and details are as follows:

There is still time to participate if you haven’t already!

Furthermore, we have some AMAs that will take off in the near future, stay tuned and look forward to hearing from the Larix team for open discussion. We had one such AMA on July 22nd hosted by Project Galaxy with seven projects on board including Project Larix.

Project Larix is also preparing to launch a DAO, which is slated to launch in August. This will help aid the emergence and transition of governance by the community instead of project team, encouraging the growth of true decentralization.

Heading Into Q3

Bringing integrated protocols like Wormhole and Jupiter on the Larix dashboard, we are seeking to offer the best in-class lending offering for the Solana ecosystem stretching the idea of DeFi across a multi-chain future.

We are excited to build with you in the months to come.



The first Metaverse based Finance Protocol on Solana.

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