Larix Monthly Report — June


Our “proof of growth” so to speak is evident in our progress for the month of June. We have made several key updates and events, all pointing to our vision to give the Larix community the best lending platform on Solana. From listings to operation updates, let’s recap what Larix has been up to in June.

Larix Listings and Events

Speaking of mining rewards, we also made an update to obtain double mining rewards for LARIX directly on our site. In order to qualify, users simply need to deposit and/or borrow LARIX on the dashboard where they can earn double the rewards for doing so, in LARIX tokens. This is a great opportunity for users to obtain even more rewards than before. The double reward event was published in Yahoo Finance earlier this month.

Operational Updates

Additionally, Project Larix has made some updates to the launchpad that is available on the website portal for tracking assets. We are happy to mention this month that Stepn was approved and launched for activity on the Larix dashboard. Users can interact with Stepn and any activity related to the token, directly on the interface.

Community Updates

  • Extending Current Validator Sets
  • Building High-Performance Validator Sets
  • Onboarding new validators into the ecosystem
  • Monitoring performance of validators
  • The value proposition around the need for governance and the increasing demand for liquid staking

It was a very healthy AMA and we look forward to any future AMAs in the coming months.

Giveaways are also on the top of our list as we update the news of a future giveaway when LARIX hits the number one spot for lending. Pending the lending requirement, Larix will be giving away an international trip for 4 people, including airfare, lodging, and food for up to one week.

In addition to all of these community updates, we were also excited to partner with Crema Finance and their anticipated IDO launch coming soon. In partnership with the launch, Larix is co-hosting a free mint event for the upcoming Chill Chill Turtles NFT and whitelist. There are 100 whitelist spots available and the event runs until the end of June.




The first Metaverse based Finance Protocol on Solana.

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