Larix Monthly Report — May


Products and Services

  • xSOL Pool: this is a combination of SOL based assets including SOL, mSOL, stSOL, scnSOL, JSOL, and USDC. More information can be found in a recent blog post.
  • LARIX Pool: the LARIX pool is an index pool consisting of LARIX, USDT, USDC, and SOL. Participating in this pool also gives extra benefits including earning interest, using LARIX as collateral, and more can be found in a Medium post we shared this month.
  • Step Pool: this contains four different assets, namely $STEP, $mSOL, $USDC, and $SOL. Users are incentivized to use the Step pool for $STEP (15 days) & $LARIX (3 days) for Step pool deposits and borrows.
  • Stepn Pool: There are five assets in the Stepn pool: $GST, $GMT, $USDC, $SOL, and $mSOL. By Utilizing the Stepn pool, users can borrow $GST/ $GMT to mint more shoes with no borrowing fees! And enjoy $LARIX rewards for 3 days!

Operational Updates

Partnerships and Engagement




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