The Larix Ambassador Campaign

Hey folks, we are thrilled to announce the “Larix Ambassador Campaign” with up to ‘$10,000 in the prize pool+3,000,000 LARIX tokens through Airdrop’ for all participants.

Who are Qualified Ambassadors?

1. If you are a Kol/Mod/Crypto-lover in Twitter/Telegram/Discord/Youtube,

2. with more than 10k Followers/Subscribers,

3. and Track record in supporting Solana/Defi/ETH/BSC ecosystems;

4. Join the ‘Larix Ambassador Campaign’ to share Real$ Grant and #LARIX:

5. DO NOT FORGET TO JOIN THE DISCORD SERVER: (#Ambassador Campaign Channel)

What Ambassadors need to Know?

  1. Campaign Duration: 12/07/2021–25/08/2021, 12:00, UTC+0;
  2. Campaign Task: Ambassador invites followers to join at least one following channel of Larix (Telegram/Discord/Twitter);
  3. Campaign Target: The sum amount of community members reaches 300K (Telegram+Discord+Twitter);
  4. Ambassador Rewards: up to 10,000 USDT Rewards Pro-rata Distribution;
  5. Community Rewards: up to 3,000,000 LARIX Airdrop lucky-draw for 30,000 Winners;
  6. The minimum target for the campaign is to obtain 100k members in Larix community(Telegram+Discord+Twitter). If the 100k base target is NOT achieved, the prize pool will be sealed and preserved for future Airdrops. The community number will be counted on 25/08/2021, 12:00, UTC+0;

7. How to participate Airdrop: Join Larix community (Telegram/Discord/Twitter)+ Complete the Easy Q&A: ‘how well you know’ about ProjectLarix, (ambassador referral attached);

(Airdrop Rewards will be launched in the community channel no later than 7 days after Target Review)

8. Ambassador Rewards Pro-rata Distribution:

(personal/total invitee amount will be collected through community Q&A)

Larix is the ultimate lending gateway on Solana. All valuable assets, including crypto tokens, stablecoins, synthetic assets, NFTs, and asset-backed securities (account receivables, invoices, mortgages, etc.) are soon accepted as collaterals to borrow crypto assets, generate yield, and power the real economy.

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